Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hell Dorado and the Meta of Mk II

I always seem to fall in love with mini's that then goes on to disappearing (Rakham/Mutant Chronicles) so now here is the next game in line for the chopping board: Hell Dorado. A great line of miniatures and fast rules wasn't enough, and Asmodee just recently made it public that they will cease production in July. It might have been due to the extremely adult content of the game and the publisher not wanting to bring it to the lucrative US market (Hell Dorado is set in the 17th century - in hell) or the game might just not have sold that great. It is up for grabs right now and I surely hope that Fantasy Flight or any other great American publisher picks up the pieces and does something with it.

So Metamorphosis was released last week, a week after Privateer Press announced they are completely changing the rules and armies in an updated Mk II coming out next year (with a BETA in April of this year). Now to me that feels a little like selling a car with a sign that says: "Pedal Driven - engine available next year". Never the less I bought the book and as always it is a great looking book. Especially the illustrations by Matt Dixon for the Trollbloods. I like the cartoon style and it is what I try to achieve when I am painting my army.

The text is not that good, the fluff feels like an afterthought and more like a teaser for the next book than a real story arc. The new units and their rules are all in the eye of the beholder (and don't forget - they are getting an update) so I won't go into that.

The new miniatures are great! Some more than others though and Privateer Press has gone from having a steady even flow of great looking models to having huge up and downs (maybe they should've kept Felix Paniagua for a little longer :-)). Matt DiPietro is a fantastic painter that is getting better every issue of NQ and his work shine on the pages!

Overall I am treating the book as a dirty magazine: I am not too interested in the text and I spend way too much time looking at the images (but the similarities end there :-)).


New start

Realizing that: 1) I never wrote anything on my blog 2) my blog had more negative posts than positive I have decided to push the restart button and post a little more frequently (since I now paint almost every day). So to kick of this new blog here are a few images from my Trollblood force: