Monday, October 25, 2010

Great article from Throne Of Angels

I just wanted to push for my friend AngeliOne's post on his blog about a visit to Cypher studios - great feature!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cool stuff today

Some cool stuff I got going on right now.

I am painting this bust by ANAKRON - it is great but a little intimidating.. I am trying out some new color combination's and  ways of shading. It is the first bust I paint and these things don't hide a thing - you have to work on your blends like crazy!

A trollblood that I am painting (TT) for my friend who will use it as a substitute Champion hero. I am almost done with this one which means I get to finish his Extreme Blitzer next :-)

Gavin at Tor Gaming is a great guy and he sent me two sets of his minis for me to paint - I have some great plans for these little buggers (and will take cutters and saw to them) but that will come this weekend :-)  (see pictures of these painted by atacam here and here.) The rules are available for free and hopefully I can get to play this soon!

Last is something that will be real dangerous to the wallet - Super Dungeon Explorer from Soda Pop. This game caught my eyes right away since I was brought up playing 8-bit NES and Master System back in Sweden. These minis are right out of these games... There are very little details so far but this is one of the "evil" guys. It is one of the promotion figures that are 20% larger than the final production minis will be - this guy has more pewter in his shield than most 28mm figures do..

Jinn stones for Alkemy

Super cheap jinn stones - I ordered fake Chinese coins from here and used left over Confrontation Age of Ragnarok bases (that obviously was never going to get used... :-)).

1 hour of work (excluding drying times) and I am happy with the result:


Thursday, October 14, 2010

First two models from Studio McVey's new project.

Love these models!

Concept by Sam Wood, Sculpted by Kev White. Painted by Studio McVey - that is a pretty awesome "tri-fecta". Keeping my fingers crossed there is a game and not just minis! :-)

For more info go over to:


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Studio McVey launches new game (and line)

I love the resin line from Studio McVey and the McVey's that are behind it - not only is Mike one of the friendliest people around - he was one of the main reasons for me wanting to be good at pain ting (and still trying to be good) to this day.

Check the press release for the game out: Here or visit the McVey store and buy some super nice, high quality miniatures now You want to click this now!


Alkemy competition submission

This was my submission for the dragonpainting Alkemy competition, I tried to take inspiration from the tutorial by JBT (Found here) and try some of his methods... some of them are easier than others but for pure gaming minis I am real happy with the result.