Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First pic of my outcasts

At first I was not super excited about these models but now that I have them I love them - very Mad Max :-)


New and old games

I am ecstatic to be part of the CMON Legion program and the fact that it lets me refocus on Skirmish games - my favorite type of game. First up will be Dark Age, where I am working on an Outcast force before doing a St Luke force for demos.

I feel like this is going to be an awesome gaming year with Confrontation, Wrath of Kings and Dark Age being the games I will focus the most on!

The Dark Age books are really beautiful and I love that they are hardback! For $60 for both I think it's a steal - especially since they have a lot of fluff in the Forcelist book.

Just a tip - you will need both books because even though the rules are all in the rulebook, all the special rules and how to build a force are in the force list.